A look into the Future

Black history month and the birth of a new kinda art forum on the horizon.

Next month is Black History month and I wanted to do something special to both celebrate it and promote "How To Draw Black People". So, I have two announcements: The first announcement you already heard about if you are subscribed to my email list. How To Draw Black People will be on sale for the duration of the month of February. You can get both or either or for $5 off the whole month long. You won't need a special code. The price drop will go into effect on February 1st, 2020.

The second announcement is exciting as it is ambitious. Also on the first of February, I will be launching "All of Us or None" an art forum where members can post art, memes, get and give critique, self promote and spread some encouragement. Anyone can join and the first hundred members will get a "founder" badge.

Periodically I will host Kast rooms and google hangouts with members that just want to chill and sketch with other artists, hold contests and all sorts of other cool stuff. All of us or none will be a safe environment for artists to build, grow and interact. If you love art, love making art, or just wanna look at all the pretty pictures, this forum will have a place for you.

Where's my book??

How to Draw Black people has been shipping steadily since the beginning of the year and over 100 books have been sold both digitally and physically in the first 30 days since it was made available. With that said, 300+ copies of the book have been reserved for Kickstarter backers and people that purchased a book via pre-order. While I was making the book, the printing company that I had been using for years went out of business. Initially, I had planned on printing the quantity I needed, have books shipped to me and then I would have the books shipped out to everyone. With the printer I am working with now not only is cost of printing much higher but it would be much more expensive for me to ship the books as originally intended. Fortunately, the printer also does fulfillment so instead of having the books shipped to me first I am having each book printed individually and then shipped out to you all. At the rate the books are being printed and shipped I estimate that everyone will have their book by March 1st. If you haven't received your book by March 1st please contact me and I will track down your order and see what happened. That's it for this week's update. I will see you, beautiful folks, around on the internet.