Black History Month


It's Black History Month, and I usually roll out the pictures of my grandfather and my grandmother and keep their contributions alive, but this year I want to do something different.

I never met my grandfather; he died two years before I was born. Recently he was inducted into the WWE hall of fame, and I was shocked to notice that his most notable achievement was left out: first Black wrestler to win a championship in an interracial match.

There was some controversy about his win, and the story is that Bearcat refused to relinquish the belt after he won. The WWA blackballed my grandfather. His reasons, the circumstances have all been glossed over if not omitted from the accounts I have read.

I have researched about as much as I can, and I fear that the truth is lost. So I figure I'd try this shot in the dark during Black history month and see if anyone can help me piece together the story of Edward "Bearcat" Wright, my grandfather.

Any information, verifiable personal accounts, news clippings, anything that you can't find on the internet would be tremendously helpful. I am writing a graphic novel, and I want the truth to be the foundation. In advance, much appreciation to you.


Back in 2013, I started this comic called The sword is my lady. The lady is my sword.

I know.

After a very long hiatus, I am ready to continue this series again. It will take me some time to update the designs and make the older issues printable in a new format. That said, every chapter will soon be available to purchase in my shop and at other retail outlets in both digital and print formats. I am happy to apply all that I've learned over the years to revamp the series and make improvements in places I felt I was lacking. I'll keep you updated on how that's going.

HTDBP update

ICYMI The second edition of How to Draw Black people won't be out until June. As I said last month, the later release gives me more time to create a better book. I have made many changes, and each new edition will have a different focus and approach. The second edition is less technical and more anecdotal. I use some of my personal stories to illustrate how the inauthentic expressions of Black people combined with an absence of academic acknowledgment of Black culture translate racism into art. By comparison, the second edition of HTDBP will be a lot more fun. I am excited for people to read this next edition.

Personal stuff

There is a good chance you are reading this update through Facebook. There is an equally good chance that you may not know about my issues with that platform. I deleted my old accounts, and now I am starting fresh with a new business page focused solely on the content I will be putting out and the artists I am working with at the time. The Shabazz Arts Facebook page serves as an extension of this blog and my store. At this point, it is automated, so please don't try to contact me there. Connect to my Facebook page; you can check it out here.

I don't have a content calendar, but I will post about it here when I do.

That's it for me this month. I hope you all have a remarkable Black history month. Stay safe when you can, and be careful when you must.

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