Do you even anymore, bruh?

It's been a long while, I shouldn'ta left you without a dope post to step to...

Hello fellow quarantine fam!!

I have been meaning to make the same kinda post a lot of content creators have been making to tell everyone about how Covid-19 has effected my life and my ability to create content etc. It has really just been that got damn hard to find a moment long enough to put together my thoughts and reassess my plans and all that. Like, one minute I think I have a plan worked out and then the next minute the projections for ending quartine shift and so on and so forth. It was irresponsible of me to just leave the light blinking so let me just own that, first and foremost. No one has said anything to me but I have been committed to making this website a communal place and that requires my participation especially. It has been very hard to focus on art or future plans but I am here nonetheless.

With that said I will be posting a lot less in general as I am sure you can imagine, but I wanted you all to know that I am still here. I'm still working on things, shipping books, making art etc.

I just need to spend more time actually doing it than posting about it and talking about it. I will post sporadically indefinitely until some of the restrictions are lifted but in the near future I will have regular content updates. By that I mean, I won't be able to interact or share my thoughts as much but there is cool stuff in the pipeline that I know you are sure to enjoy if you are a fan of my work, enjoy How to Draw Black people, or if you are looking for something entertaining and interesting. That said, TFFWM take care of y'all selves and each other!