Got any Juneteenth Plans?

June 20th 2020 time: TBD

Hello everyone! Given the new normal and the many gatherings and events that are being canceled due to the pandemic, I decided to put on a Juneteenth event called "Juneteenth On Live" This is something I've been planning for a few weeks and I'm happy to finally announce it! The event will feature 3 segments:

Oral histories and folklore

A Talent Show (cash prizes and more!)

Cultural teachings and demonstrations.

I am looking for artists, storytellers, performers, cosplayers, comic book artists, content creators, dancers, culinary artists, so on and so forth. If you are Black and you have a talent or a skill or a story to share, then you are exactly the type of person this show needs.

Also, If you have any expertise in administrating Juneteenth celebrations, online promotion, social media outreach, or if your organization would like to partner to help raise funds for families impacted by Covid-19, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As much as reasonably possible, I'd like this event to be very for us by us. There could be more added to the show, but that is of course up! If you are interested in participating or helping put the show together click the "Juneteenth On Live" tab in the menu of my web site...or you know... just click here. With all that's going on, I think it's really important that Black culture is celebrated and honored in a way where we can all come together, even if we cannot be together. I cannot promise anything, we're living in really volatile times. You can plan for a pretty day but you can't predict the weather. That said, this only works if we come together and make it happen! I hope to hear from you soon.