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It's really hard to make the blog posts. Emotionally it's hard to figure out what is and isn't an impulse brought on by my anxiety. I am still figuring myself out. To be this old and not know so much about myself? I feel embarrassed. It's a part of the process.

I do have some business-related information, so let me switch up.

How to Draw Black People has been really successful and the only reason I don't boast about it is that I am still processing what I can do with this book moving forward. I've always intended HTDBP to be a collaborative effort with revolving artists and updated information. I need more data than I have but based on the info I have at this point, I have aspirations of making this book into a platform for Black artists all across the African diaspora.

This is not something I can do by myself and it will take time to gather the right people and resources to improve upon the core principles and accessibility, but I am confident that it can and will be done.

I envision this book growing to the point that not only will it provide Black artists with an opportunity to share their capability and unique perspectives but also confidence in their abilities. Some people don't know what Black culture is and they don't want to know; to these people, I wish you all the love and luck in life because you will surely need it. To everyone else, this book will be a great way to start learning about Black people from Black people as well as a growing database of talented and capable artists.

By the end of this year, I will have enough information to plan out my next steps but in the meantime, if you have read HTDBP and think you or someone you know would be interested please subscribe to my email list.

What I am working on

I have agonized over How to Draw Black People since the first day I started writing it. I really wanted it to be the best that I could make it and I know I fell short of that mark but that's okay, for now. Next year I'll begin work on releasing a 2nd edition as well as a Kid's version (because so many people have asked for one) that will build on what the first edition accomplished. In the near future, I will add more practice lines in the supplemental file section, School is starting soon so preparing for that new experience with my kid is really sucking up my free time for creative thinking. I have the files but finding the time is difficult atm so bear with me pleeeeaaaasssseeeee....

What I am reading

I just finished Carl Jung's undiscovered self and it was really good. I highly recommend it to anyone feeling a bit lost in the shuffle with all that's going on in the world.

What I am watching:

I finished watching Legend of Korra for the first time and I can see why people hated it but I loved it. It was truly ahead of its time zeitgeist-wise but today that just makes it even more poignant. I believe Korra just hit Netflix as well so if you are looking for a 4-week binge, spread each season out over the month of August.

What I am following:

I've been keeping tabs on Covid-19 related stuff, the protests, etc. People are just so hot and angry I wish there was a simple solution but this problem is so complex. I love the symbolism that the children are soaking up right now. I hope people are teaching the importance of civic duty and the anemia of celebrity when confronted with a crisis that requires more than the ability to work a crowd. There's a lot of lessons to be learned out there both by the teachers and the students. There are important first steps being taken right now but if everyone is so focused on removing Trump from office and not the diligent work it will take to repair all the purposeful neglect and willful ignorance then we've gained nothing for all we've lost.

I am trying to remind myself of that on a personal level as well but each day presents new challenges and to be real, seeing life the way I do now is still brand new to me.

We all deserve patience in the areas we've grown the least, I need to heed those words for myself as well. Until next time, stay safe when you can and carry compassion with you everywhere you go.

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