Stuck at home!

Current events have given me the opportunity to think about my long term goals and reassess my approach. I have a terrible habit of rushing into things and this year I am determined to take things slower than I usually do. That just means I need to find my own pace which is hard to do with so many things that require me to change my schedule from one day to the next. But this unexpected downtime gives me an opportunity to work on the business side of things and create enough content for there to be good enough buffer to keep a constant stream going. So I will be starting a youtube channel! I will have more details the closer I get to launch so stay tuned for details! I also restarted my Patreon because this pandemic has seriously limited my ability to work. I won't post much artwork there but there will be sneak peeks at things that I'm working on for the next episode and voting and all that stuff.

Please click here to check that out.

Last thing: YES, copies of How to Draw Black People are still shipping as well as the other physical rewards. Things are hectic in my home, people are sick but I'm still getting it done.