Welcome to my part of the internet

Hello internet. My name is Ali Shabazz. (I know it says Malik, but the headache that is changing one's name on the internet when a brand is attached to it isn't something I'm ready to get into at this juncture) My pronouns are they/them and this is the only time I will mention it to you. If you don't respect that you don't respect me :)

I needed to get away from social media but like, I need social media to sell my art, stay informed and to help others. So this blog is kind of a compromise. Here I can do all that I do on social media apps like Zuckerbook and Twitter without all the traffic and unwanted attention from self serving people. That said I'm not just about to scream into the void endlessly, if you'd like to post things here you can to and I will respond when I can or when I feel the need. I guess it's just like every other blog on the internet except this one has my name on it. The main difference is that everything I post on SoMe will be here first. I only use Facebook or twitter on Monday and Tuesday so if you want to catch me on those apps try on of those two days. Otherwise this is where I will be. I hope to see you around on these internet streets, either on my corner or on your own. #AllofUsorNone